ProtoVerse has an extensive ecosystem supported by existing revenue streams through clients such as Cryptopia. Our operation doesn’t depend on any tax from the PROTO token and there is ZERO tax on token purchases or sales on Uniswap.

Our tokenomics model:
  • 100% of our profits are used to buy back PROTO tokens/NFTs from the liquidity pool to reduce the circulating supply.
  • Linear rewards release schedule enhances sustainability.
Robust tokenomics supported by diverse existing revenue streams help ensure sustainable value across unpredictable market conditions.



Zero Market Cap Launch

100% of the supply is locked at launch, and our supply API endpoints, supported with proper documentation, enable CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko to show a VERIFIED dynamic circulating supply and market cap.

This means that our market cap at launch will be ZERO!

Post-launch, 100% of the profit from our revenue streams will be used to buy back PROTO on Uniswap, 5% will be burned, and 95% will be distributed as rewards in exclusive staking pools on ProtoStake.

Pre-Launch Token Distribution

Pre-launch, our community receives PROOF tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

PROOF holders will gain access to multiple specific SuperStaking pools on ProtoStake, which will pay rewards in our PROTO ecosystem token on a one-to-one ratio + up to 95% bonus tokens!

Staked PROTO tokens are excluded from the circulating supply as long as they remain staked. This improves the tokenomics of PROTO’s circulating supply. 

PROOF tokens have no other utility or functionality post-launch.

PROTO Tokenomics